Good Monday Morning to all of you!

Here’s the rough thought I had for the cover of the next TTH. While I have had hang-ups about my overall storytelling abilities lately, I think TTH#4 will be a good restarting point for me and my readers.

One of the stories, “Lost in Transition part Two” will come full circle as part of a rewritten story I did to get into the Center for Cartoon Studies. Originally entitled “Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam,” the story revolves around my experiences with a certain brand of Christianity, but isn’t a literal memoir. I won’t be completely finishing the story, which I imagine will be a four-parter. The story is very close to my heart and is yet another brick in the wall of an explanation for my becoming a cartoonist.

I’ll be posting some sketches for the stories in days and weeks to come. I’m also going to post the first three pages to the Santorini Vortex part Two when they are ready.

This comic, while being pulled together quickly, has been causing some of the most violent feelings in myself as to if I should or shouldn’t publish it. I’ve listened to voices on both sides advising me to plow forward and to drop it. I’m still going to print it, but maybe only as a very limited run with just enough to sell a few at Mocca. My main concern is that it’s got a tirade by Charles Bukowski I dreamed several years ago that has quite a bit of obscenity in it, and I don’t want to do work that isn’t all ages. This may be the only “Mature Audiences” comic I do in the close future.

More to come this week, keep checking back!



copyright 2008 Sam Carbaugh

copyright 2008 Sam Carbaugh

Greetings everyone,

These comics may seem odd and confusing to some of you, so let me explain a little bit about their purpose:

1. Daily Dante is meant to be a loose collection sketch comics following Dante’s journey through his metaphysical universe.

2. The first canto is slow.

3. The forms of the comics will change until I find something that works. Therefore, some of these early comics will probably be redone if I am ever to collect them.

4. I’m just having fun. The work I am doing in my mini-comics is much more considered, so if you feel like I am dishonoring a classic piece of literature, I do not mean to and I am very sorry (Dante’s Divine Comedy is a great work on its own and you should read it).

Thank you everyone for reading this and for checking out the site. Please leave me comments if you are confused by any future posts.



After having been a fairly consistent user of many blogs and blog sites, it is now time for me to settle into one of them. So. Here it is. 


I knew you would be.

This blog will mostly be news about the comics and illustrations I am working on, and a little bit about my personal life.

Check back often!



Sam Carbaugh


I will post a new comic here this weekend.