Happy New Year 2009

January 23, 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope you are warm this cold winter and reading lots of comics. There’s plenty of good stuff out there and I hope to start posting reviews and recommendations soon as a regular feature.

To begin with: Go read THREE SHADOWS by Cyril Pedrosa (published by First Second). It’s heartbreaking and astounding. I will post a more in-depth review of the book next week. Rarely do I pick up a comic and am knocked out of my chair. It happened with Craig Thompson’s Blankets, Kevin Huizenga’s Curses, and Jason Lutes’ Berlin series; and, it has happened again with Three Shadows. Do yourself a favor and buy this book (15.95 at most stores) and read it before I post my review.

I envision this being an every-other week feature of this blog. I know that several of you who read this blog are friend and family who don’t necessarily know much about modern comics. With this in mind, I may spend some reviews writing about comics that have been out for several years, but deserve to be reread nonetheless.

In other news, I’ll begin posting Daily Dante comics again soon. Perhaps I should rename that something other than “daily” given my bad web-etiquette of not updating at regular intervals…

May this year treat you kindly as we skip into the unknown.



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