Intro Comic to the Daily Inferno

November 11, 2008


Daily Dante, Intro

Daily Dante, Intro

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to doing a new daily comic, especially since the stress and lack of quality in my Stars and Stripes Forever comics earlier this year prompted me to stop doing a daily piece. What changed my mind was the freedom doing a piece like the Daily Dante allows. 

With my previous comic strip was pressuring myself to work within the constraints of the newspaper strip format. That fact alone made the experience crammed and not very much fun for me. Dante proves to be different.

I am working on a loose comics interpretation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, from Inferno to Paradiso, through the device of Dante actually doing the comic himself. This allows me to satirize many modern journal comics and sketchbook diaries. While I will be sticking with the standard four panel daily for many of the sections, it does allow me to open up some days and do graphs, or a Jules Feiffer-esque talking heads page for the long conversations Dante has with dead folks and Virgil. In other words, I’ll be free to put ink to paper everyday.

The goal, I hope, for this exercise is to turn people on to Dante and to give a comics cliffNotes to this classic of Western Literature. 

I may not be able to upload images everyday (since I may have days where I have no scanner) but I promise to do my best. 

Each of these comics will be completed in no less than one hour of work a day and no more than three, so I can complete it in the evening or at lunchtime.

Check back often and subscribe to this blog for future updates.




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